Can you learn how to sing?

Is it possible that, with singing lessons or voice lessons, you can learn how to become a singer? For some, it seems to come naturally, but for others, it can be a real struggle. Which one are you?  Maybe you have a gifted singing voice all ready, and are working as a singer now,  but tire easily or feel strain when singing or have limited range or are forever trying to eliminate that pesky break.  Maybe you just always enjoyed singing and would like to know more.  Maybe you just want to open your mouth in church or choir and not be embarrassed.  Whether your pursuing voice lessons or singing lessons for professional reasons or personal passion or both, it takes effort, practice, and good instruction. Learn HOW to sing, NOT what to sing. The IVA technique can be applied to all genres of music so you can sing beautifully, without strain or pain.

singing lessons with Linda TomkinsonLinda Tomkinson has been teaching students how to sing for many years, and and is one of the founding directors of the Institute for Vocal Advancement. Not only does she teach voice lessons to students, but she teaches and trains instructors as well.

SingWithLinda’s Artist Hub is a studio of teachers dedicated to giving the best possible vocal instruction to students of all ability levels. Through the IVA technique our voice instructors can help increase a student’s vocal range, stamina, resonance, strength, and quality. Vocal lessons are available in person at the studio, in the Salt Lake City Metro Area, or over the internet via Skype.

Take a look at the instructors, the techniques, and schedule a first time lesson assessment!

For more information on the IVA technique go to vocaladvancement.org


Why learn to sing at SingWithLinda.com


  • Gain confidence by learning how to condition, control and strengthen your voice.
  • Professionals, refine their skills and technique and see how much easier it can be.
  • Learn as a beginner, or continue at whatever level you are.
  • Bring out the true, natural tone of your voice, regardless of the style you like to sing.
  • Prevent damage to your voice that often comes from poor technique and strain.  Sing healthy free and strong.
  • Practice performing and participate in open mic nights held right at the studio, singing along with professionals.