Stephen Nelson

stephen 250Vocal Coach, Music Production

From an early age, Stephen could hear music in his head scoring life’s day-to-day activities. Growing up, there was no keeping him from the piano as he spent hours composing original songs. At the age of fifteen, he was hired to write and arrange music for several local performing groups. Soon after, Stephen became a regular in recording studios where he could finally produce the music he heard in his head. Because every creative aspect of the music industry fascinated him, Stephen pursued it all: songwriting, producing, film scoring, and performing.

Stephen Nelson is renowned for his rare piano abilities. From the age of sixteen, his sight reading and improvisational skills have caught the attention of ballet, modern dance, and vocal studios. Additionally, various recording studios have sought him out for his rare gift to hear a song and play it back verbatim. He has been teaching piano technique, theory, ear training and songwriting for five years and has been teaching voice lessons for three years now. He has gained a reputation for making music exciting and helping his students “think outside the box”.

As a seasoned performer, Stephen Nelson‘s vocal talents and piano ability have made him invaluable to artists from coast to coast. Stephen has shared the stage with names like RAab Stevenson, Scott Alan, Shaun “Hammerhands” Barrowes, Nicole Kehl, Ryan Innes, and the BYU Young Ambassadors. Along with live performances, Stephen has been a regular in recording studios as a for-hire musician and vocalist. His studio work can be heard on the radio, in albums, demos, and performance tracks.

Stephen Nelson has spent most of his time songwriting, producing, and film scoring. He wrote the theme song, “Angels,” for Murray Utah’s 2010 American Cancer Society Relay for Life and co-wrote “Legacy of Love” for the BYU Young Ambassadors’ 40th year anniversary. He also co-wrote and produced “stronger Than You Know” which was the theme song for the Renatus 2012 National Conference. On a national level, Stephen was recently recognized for writing the main themes for the animated film “Mashed” which later won a student Emmy for its composition. In addition, Stephen’s music can be heard in the viral ORABRUSH commercials which gained so much attention that they were featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes Magazine, and ABC Nightline.

Stephen welcomes the challenge of producing albums of any genre. Some of his credits include pop/rock, country, inspirational, electronic dance, and—his recent favorite—Rock/Orchestral fusion. Because of his wide range of abilities, Stephen has established himself as a hands-on producer with the capacity to be involved in every step of the creative process. In every project he strives to push the musical envelope with innovative sounds and melodies.

Throughout his career, Stephen has proved himself to be a distinctive orchestrator and versatile producer/songwriter. He looks forward to making his mark on the music industry by influencing it one song at a time.