Chelsea Millward

“Chelsea Cowan is a performance coach and certified Vocal Instructor through the Institute for Vocal Advancement (IVA). She has an extensive musical background, having trained in a range of styles (from Jazz and Commercial Pop to Classical and Musical Theatre) within both solo and choral performance, music theory, piano, and dance. She studied Musical Theatre and Vocal performance at Utah State University and the University of Utah. In addition, she has studied with world-renowned vocal instructor Greg Enriquez, performance coach Rhonda Carlson, and IVA Master Teachers Linda Tomkinson, Monique Thomas, Stephanie Borm-Krueger, Guy Babusek, and Spencer Welch.

Chelsea is known for her dedication to helping her students achieve their vocal and performance goals by teaching them to sing in a manner that is healthy, natural, and free. With Chelsea, you will learn the skills necessary to expand your range, get rid of strain and tension, smooth out “breaks” in your voice, finding success in your voice and performing abilities.
Chelsea loves teaching and is passionate about helping her students learn to communicate through music. She teaches her students to find their own beautiful sound by helping them learn HOW to sing, then they can decide what to sing with greater confidence.
As a professional singer and performer herself, Chelsea knows what it takes to find success. With professional experience in music and performance, she understands and has been through many of the same challenges and struggles that come with learning to sing and making your mark as an artist.
In addition to performing professionally on and off the stage, Chelsea enjoys hiking, going to football games, and spending time with her husband and son.”