voice instructors and students

What sets Linda, and her voice instructors apart from everyone else?  Results!  We specialize in vocal mechanics, meaning, we listen to the vocal function of what is happening inside the singers throat and then prescribe excercises to strengthen weaknesses or fix problems, or train new coordinations.

Many voice teachers can hear vocal problems, but lack knowledge of how to apply proper tool’s to fix the problems.  Some singing teachers have the tools, but lack the ear training and experience.  At SingWithLinda’s Artist Hub you will work with vocal teachers who have literally decades of ear training, experience and knowledge of “HOW TO TEACH SINGING.”

Many working singers are experiencing vocal fatigue and pitch issues, vocal strain, and yes even pain when singing, or they have limited range and can’t quite reach the high note.  Either way we can help.  Singing become’s easier than you ever imagined.  Range improves in both higher and lower registers.  Understand your vocal breaks and how to turn them into bridges.  Connect the bottom of your voice to the top.   Sing with one voice in a smooth, even, connected way.  Keep your voice healthy, free, strong!  Sing in whatever genre you like.  Pop, rock, R&B, gospel, classical, country, musical theater.  Find your own voice and get the very best tone possible.

Train your ear by coming to our free OPEN MIC’s to practice your skills, and listen to the progression of other singers learning the same thing you are.  Listen to all levels of learning, from beginner to professional and grow in a safe, nuturing environment.


Linda’s voice students live all over the world.  Lesson’s offered via Skype. You will be able to see her schedule in your own timezone when booking.

Are you looking to become a professional voice teacher? Can you hear problems or issues in other voices but lack the knowledge to know how to help?

Linda is a Master Teacher for Institute for Vocal Advancement or IVA, meaning she can help you learn how.  Our certification program is like no other.  You can check it out by clicking this link vocaladvancement.org.