Bradley Quinn Lever, GENTRI


Linda Tomkinson is a master teacher.  It is no wonder to me that her wealth of knowledge and experience has allowed me and countless others to transcend many voice barriers.  Linda’ s openess and ability to to explain things clearly, along with years of expertise in the IVA  technique, has allowed me to sing in a healthy manner throughout long seasons of demanding shows and productions.  Not only is Linda a great teacher, approachable, and fun, but she is a wonderful friend!  I am very grateful for her, and she has saved my voice many times in the studio and in times of sickness.  I would recommend her to any professional level and beyond.  In my opinion the IVA technique is the new source of answers for all your vocal questions and vocal “isms.



Before I started working with Linda, I was only able to sing for about 20 minutes before my voice was extremely exhausted. As an artist who performs live often, this was a major hindrance to my career. After just a few weeks of training, I was able to get through more than an hour without feeling any strain in my voice, and now I don’t feel it at all. Linda has worked magic with my voice and I was in shock of the rapid improvements. My range and power are bigger and stronger then they’ve ever been before because of her, but the best part is that Linda has shown me how to do achieve both in a healthy way. She is a phenomenal teacher/mentor and every singer needs Linda in their life. For real. 

Madilyn Paige, “The Voice” Season 6 Top 20.


I started lessons with Linda four years ago, when I was 13 years old. At the time, I was looking for somebody who could help me sing the right way and grow as a singer. From the beginning, I couldn’t believe the incredible improvements in my voice. Over the years, Linda has helped me reach my full potential, and my vocal range and power have increased dramatically. She has also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and not let my fears get the best of me. I was recently on The Voice, and I was given many challenging songs. Because of my training with Linda, I was able to keep up with the high demands on my voice, while many others lost their voices, because they weren’t singing healthy. I don’t believe I could have done as well as I did without her help and support. Linda is an incredible teacher/coach, and I’m excited to see where my work with her takes me!
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Preston Yates

Linda Tomkinson has gotten me to do things with my voice that I didn’t know I was capable of. She has helped me extend my range through her guidance in lessons and by consistently doing the exercises she recommends. With this extended range I have been able to focus less on whether or not I am going to hit a note and more on being present in the moment while on stage. Linda has helped me find my true voice and has helped me to realize what it is capable of. She sees the unique potential in each of her students and helps all of them get where they want to be. If you are serious about your voice you definitely need to work with Linda!

Leads: Phantom @BYU, The Count in Count of Monte Cristo @BYU, Javert in Les Miserables@Hale Center Theater, Ramon in Zorro @Hale Center Theater. Performance coach.

Rhonda Carlson, Performance Coach & Author. “What do I do With My Hands” – A guide to acting for the singer.


Linda Tomkinson is an outstanding teacher in every way. She understands and communicates the principles of a highly effective vocal technique clearly and concisely, yet she never loses sight of the big picture with her students. By providing a safe and positive environment, she inspires their growth in a nurturing, yet challenging, way and continually helps them grow by providing world-class opportunities for them as performers and educators.
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Megan Heaps

Linda has given my voice its wings! Yes that sounds corny, but it’s true.  Between her gift of teaching, and her extensive knowledge of the voice, she has given me the right tools to fine tune, my instrument. I always joke around with her about having magical powers, because each lesson, without fail, something I am singing magically gets easier, and sounds 10 times better than it did before. I knew she was the real deal, because in my first lesson with her, my voice was doing things I never thought it capable of.  In that first hour, my voice improved more, than all of my previous voice lessons combined.

JB Ah-fua, Singer/Songwriter, Metro Music Band, American Idol Seasons 8 & 9


Linda Tomkinson is super AWESOME!!! This woman is the reason I know what I know. I have been taking voice lessons from her since I was 10 years old. Linda has a very keen ear and knows what to look for when listening to a singer. She can pick out weak points and turn them into strengths. There was a time in my life where the “voice change” became an issue. I became very frustrated and hard on myself thinking it was the end of the world. Linda knew how to work through all of the obstacles and keep me on track when I felt I wanted to give up. Although it’s been “OOO’s and AAH’s” over the years I’ve trained with her, she has become more than just a mentor. She has become a very close friend, a second mother. There are many great things I can say about what she is teaching me, and what I can still learn from her. Linda is a miracle worker. There is no one else I would rather have guiding me to vocal perfection than her.
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Megan Yates, Voice Instructor & Performance Coach

Because of Linda, my voice is even from the bottom to the top. She has equipped me with tools that I can use to make my voice not only sound its best, but to make it feel EASY and FREE! Linda is the only one I trust fully with my voice. I came to her with years of past vocal misuse and nodules, and she has completely repaired it through her teaching and through the exercises she has prescribed where voice therapy and ENT’s could not. Linda has helped me find the uniqueness of my specific instrument which has given me limitless access to all genres of music, all dynamics, and an ever-growing range. I am indebted to her for life. Linda is my vocal mother.

Stephen Nelson – Singer/Songwriter, Producer/Arranger

Having faced medical issues and poor vocal training in the past, there was a time when I had to seriously face the reality that my voice might be unsalvageable. That was my belief until I met Linda Tomkinson. With her vast knowledge, honed skills and gifted intuition, she was able to rehabilitate my voice and give me back what I thought I had lost forever. She knew what tools to use and how to apply them in the most efficient way to give me the best results specifically tailored to my instrument. So much can be said about her depth of technical understanding and qualifications as a vocal coach, but what was equally valuable to me was her ability to see the person behind the voice. Anyone who knows Linda knows that she is incredibly invested in all of her students—not just in their voices but also in their overall success and happiness. I believe that her years of proven experience along with the ability to connect with her students on a deep level both played an equal part in Linda’s fine reputation. These two qualities have created a safe environment where learning and discovery flourish allowing each vocalist to be uninhibited in their transformation process. I would recommend Linda Tomkinson to anyone without reservation.
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Tanner DeWaal – BYU Young Ambassador President

Before taking lessons with Linda, I was going to give up on singing. One lesson with her gave me hope in my futre as a singer. In a few short lessons with linda, I was ale to hit notes that I never thought I would be able to. No other teacher has been able to pin and correct my voice as quickly and effectively as Linda. Every minute is productive and helpful in her lessons. The IVA technique she uses has given me strength and vocal endurance to withstand rigorous performing schedules and I sing with confidence in any audtition or performance setting.

Joslyn Poole, Metro Music Band


Linda gets it!  She gets it when I come in for a lesson and I say “just fix me”! 

She gets it when my voice is tired from the 3 hour gig the night before in a loud club where I couldn’t hear myself.  

She gets the 4 background sessions from that week where to deliver I had to compromise some balance in my voice for texture because that’s what the client wants.  

I can depend on her to balance my voice and return it  back to its natural and pure form. 

I have studied for about 13 years and I know all the proper and correct ways of singing but at times because of certain circumstances, to get through you have to do what you have to do, and then go see a teacher like Linda to get yourself balanced again!  

Linda understands that!

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